Children of Men

Children of Men ★★★★★

utter masterpiece, triumph of filmmaking. shot with poise and hidden technicality, impeccably written and acted such that each character immediately shines through with personality and depth. the sound work is superlative, weaving diegesis with score/soundtrack; reminding us of what humanity has lost with its everpresent sound floor of animal cooing and chirping and barking; the score's own dramatic but not overbearing christian anguish married to a soundtrack that sounds like it was picked by me when i was 17 (cmon, you got king crimson, shostakovich's 10th symphony, and threnody for the victims of hiroshima. that is blatant adolescent charles bait). not overbearing is key here. the messianic themes, the nihilism, the loss all lie firmly on this side of melodrama. people die, sometimes like martyrs, but time moves forwards. the film is devestating but largely unceremonious. until it isn't. fuck man, i knew that cease fire scene was coming years ago from being permanently tuned in to cultural detritus but the chills came anyway. phenomenal film, each year more evergreen than the last. sorry to everyone who ever told me to watch this for waiting so long. i just know damon lindelof had a nose bleed when he saw this.

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