Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★½

In a dystopian future, Rick Deckard takes back on his old job as a Blade Runner & sets out to hunt down four Replicants…a group of dangerous humanoids.

Hm, what’s a little conflicting for me is that there are tons of ideas I love in this film. The world building (especially for a movie this old) was absolutely fantastic & I wanted to be in it longer (probably that is what I will get with 2049). I loved the rainy neon cyberpunk Los Angeles, and this is for sure a movie where the city is a character in itself! I also think a lot of the imagery was quite memorable (especially the gruesome fight scene with Pris) and hand-in-hand with that when there WAS action I thought it was done well! Of course how can we not at least mention how iconic Harrison Ford is in the movie?

However speaking of iconic, there my issue lies. It’s an iconic film in every which way, but I think one I appreciate more than I like. I didn’t care for the pacing too much, and all the while I was for some reason quite emotionally disconnected from the story a number of times. I was having such a hard time paying attention especially in between the second and third act for the selfish reason that I struggled to remain interested during some of the more dragged out scenes.

My Final Verdict: Blade Runner is another victim to my takeaway being that it’s a well made movie in EVERY way, but not exactly a favorite. I just could not remain behind it at times! I hope I will enjoy 2049 more.

Grade: 2.5/5 (C) 😬

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