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  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    lollll this is my third time and I'm still buzzing! wondering how could Hollywood made Tom Cruise playing The Mummy while he could make a ✨spectacular✨ sequel like this. Absolutely, utterly, completely and perfectly everybody's new favourite film! -0,5 stars because the beach scene was too short. thank you.

  • Bed and Board

    Bed and Board


    "Do what you have to do, but let me be. I'm not proud and never have been, so I can tell you: I still love you. But I'd rather not see you anymore."

    Welcoming my newest favorite romance film like, ever.

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  • Space Sweepers

    Space Sweepers


    A fun yet (little bit) disenchanting film from Song Joong-Ki and Tae-Ri. I had a big expectations from the trailer alone and it would be a four-star if there weren't many white people becoming a 'meh' villains. A lot of good potentials were wasted here, just imagine if it was played by 100% Korean actors and actresses. But still, in this horrible pandemic, this one could go in hand with your popcorn at home. And of course, yes, I believe in Kim Tae-Ri supremacy.

  • CODA



    My one year Apple TV+ subscription meant nothing until CODA came out today.. Oh my God, one of the best things I've watched lately. The last song hit me right in the eye wtfff I cried and it was an ugly cry.