Frenesi Pro

Favorite films

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Vertigo
  • Lost in Translation

Recent activity

  • The Blackcoat's Daughter


  • Dune


  • Terror at Tenkiller


  • Silver Linings Playbook


Recent reviews

  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter


    The A24 house style of slow burn psychological horror with off center compositions and a creepy synth score is almost like the MCU for hipsters but when applied in service of a story with genuine ideas it work wells.

  • Terror at Tenkiller

    Terror at Tenkiller


    Brutally slow and devoid of tension since they reveal the killer early on yet something about it's laid back approach is charming.

Popular reviews

  • The Tender Bar

    The Tender Bar


    Perfectly fine coming-of-age movie with a terrific Ben Affleck performance. This movie attempts to pass off the greater Boston area for Long Island and it does not work. They go to the Wakefield Bowladrome for candlepin bowling I mean come on! That felt like a personal attack.

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    There are a lot of higher ups from the tech industry here and the overall impression that they have created a monster even they cannot resist is terrifying. The fictional aspect, especially the visual representation of an algorithm, feels silly compared to the gravity of the subject. I think The Social Dilemma would have benefited from demonstrating the genuine positives of social media to contrast it's deep sense of doom. Maybe we wouldn't be in this mess if we still had Vine.