I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★

Horror Hunt #26 (August 2020): #16

Since Todd kindly ran July's hunt give him a sort of thank you by watching a movie he rated 4 or more stars

Talk about being in a bleak and dark world of a film for two and a half hours. Damn! This one had some excellent performances and the intensity just kept increasing from the title credits to the very end of the film. While some moments did stretch on for a bit longer than they really needed to, overall this was a really disturbing thriller. Lee Byung-hun as the lead of the film was acting like a man possessed as he hunts down the killer of his wife. Much like the Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy before it, I Saw The Devil isn't afraid to really go there. It was interesting seeing Choi Min-sik on the opposite of the vengeance battleground from his role in Oldboy. He's legitimately terrifying in this. If there are any issues I have with the film, it would be the number of rape threats that occur (in addition to the off-screen assaults themselves) and the fact that the characters literally say bastard in nearly every sentence. There are other words to call a man that you hate. I would definitely have preferred if the monstrous villain was simply just a serial killer instead of also being a rapist. That was a layer that was really unnecessary here. This is one that I most likely won't watch again, because it was a real slog to get through, but it was well-made and definitely effective at disturbing the viewer. I'm really glad that I had Brain Damage before this and a nice fun Universal Monster classic afterwards. Because damn, this one was a lot.

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