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  • To the Left of the Father
  • Fake Blonde
  • Invisible Life
  • Dry Ground Burning

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  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    Perhaps Claire’s most enigmatic film, which is saying a lot. It’s so restless and scattered, just like the heart and memory of the protagonist its centered around. I always think back on how Barry Jenkins says that she’s able to pack such ridiculously complex and universal themes into such personal, everyday things - whether it’s a dying heart or coffee beans or just a crockpot. This one’s no different - it contains her consistent themes (of guilt, human connection, colonialism,…

  • The Wound

    The Wound


    It’s always great when you finally get ahold of that rare film you’ve been searching through the bowels of the internet for (with working subs!) and it lives up to your hype. Stone cold, unforgettable masterpiece. Misery porn-ish? Sure, but these characters are framed in such an empathetic way that’s it’s hard not to feel the humanity shining through the cracks. Whether they’re captured in an off-kilter close up, dingy wide shot or completely out of frame, the way these…

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  • Towards Mathilde

    Towards Mathilde

    Not sure if I’ll ever “get” interpretive dance, but I do get Claire Denis, and it feels like it would be illegal for her not to make something like this at some point in her career. Observant, patient, kinetic and delicate like always. I’ll always be a sucker for compilations of experts grinding and perfecting their craft, and that’s essentially what this is.

  • Bastards



    Claire’s overt sensuality is beyond seductive and it makes even her most twisted and disturbing comfort watches for me, somehow. It’s incredible how rewatchable they are. On top of the cake are the Tindersticks scores, which are impossible treat to resist.

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  • Love at Sea

    Love at Sea


    Guy Gilles made some of the most stereotypically French films ever made. Good looking young white people smoking, drinking coffee and professing about love - he makes Godard look like Clint Eastwood and his style is like Rohmer with ADHD. But I’ll be damned if his films were so goddamn beautiful. His masterful montage, depictions of fleeting memories - and here in particular - the fucking neon vibes makes this so easy to get lost in. It’s easy to write this…

  • Rendezvous in Paris

    Rendezvous in Paris


    The men in Rohmer’s films are usually dumb, but they are all peak stupid here.