Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★½

“Hurt people hurt people”

I lowered my expectations to “at least it’ll be entertaining” and it was such a blast now I think the trailer undersold it (gave away about 70% of the potential intrigue tho). The movie is full tilt from start to finish and juggles the action/humor/mystery really well, credit to David Leitch. What all wannabe summer blockbusters should aspire to, I think everyone came out of the theater absolutely buzzing. 

Pitt is the heart of the project and his vibe really anchors the whole tone of the movie. Surrounding him are a ton of really fun performances, I personally loved every moment of Lemon and Tangerine. Also enjoyed Joey King a lot but her character went a little sideways later in the movie.

Felt like a complete sucker not getting the voice on the earpiece. Very strong cameos abound

Remember to turn your brain back on when leaving the theater 

This and Top Gun are the needle drop kings of the years so far

Don’t be a Diesel

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