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  • Akira
  • Stalker
  • The King of Comedy
  • Eraserhead

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  • Cure


  • Evil Dead Rise


  • Ghosted

  • Police Story


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  • Cure



    Tapping into prescient anxieties about the internet and mass communication (where a single interaction with a stranger can subvert your whole reality and fundamentally alter the shape of society for the worse), Kiyoshi Kurasawa’s Cure is an immaculately melancholy detective procedural that successfully functions as the most gripping and conventionally satisfying thriller I’ve seen in years, even as its plot slowly winds itself into an inescapably bleak existential ouroboros. Kurosawa’s filmmaking is outstanding, relying largely on sparse, painterly long takes…

  • Evil Dead Rise

    Evil Dead Rise


    Stuck somewhere between a classy, “elevated” franchise reskin navigating themes of dormant trauma and familial bonds and a goofy, Raimi-esque splatter romp, Evil Dead Rise never manages to feel quite as intimate or unsettling as it probably should but as a lean 90-minute exorcise in contained genre filmmaking it’s taut, handsome and bloody enough to satisfy most audiences familiar with its series’ pedigree. As it turns out, the real stars of the show are director Lee Cronin and cinematographer Dave…

Popular reviews

  • Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode


    Things that are apparently hilarious according to this film:

    - Incest
    - Termites humping (no really)
    - A plane flying in and out of a vaginal looking cloud
    - People throwing up into each other's mouths
    - The gays (did you know they like sex with men? hilarious!)
    - S C R E A M I N G
    - Referencing memes from ten years ago (somebody shows up to say "Leave Britney alone!" and the "Hide yo kids, hide yo…

  • Me You Madness

    Me You Madness


    A hideous, psychotically out of touch monument to all-encompassing ego, Me You Madness is one of the most thoroughly unpleasant vanity projects I’ve ever seen in my life. Self-described by writer/director/star Louise Linton (some actress from the Cabin Fever remake and wife of the former US Secretary of the Treasury) as “gender-swapped American Psycho” the film follows a successful #GirlBoss hedge fund manager who’s super into murder and cannibalism as she goes to the gym, stalks potential victims, abuses her…