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  • The Hateful Eight
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  • Alien³



    Again, after the previous movie, Ripley survives the alien horror and goes into cryosleep to be shot into the great wide vastness of space. However, it seems a xenomorph smuggled itself onboard causing the lifepod to crash on a prison planet. And so it rebegins.

    There's a lot being said about this third entry of the Alien franchise. Production and storywise problems, different writers, all ending up to the debut of one of the most stylish directors still at work,…

  • 1917



    Two soldiers on a quest to save thousands of lives with time and some Germans as their main enemy. From the first foot they set towards their task we follow them, seemingly in one take but obviously with the cuts meticulously hidden throughout, through the trenches, in the tunnels, towards the battlefield and a totally destructed village ending where the message needs to be delivered.

    We're onto them literally, like flies buzzing around them, or sneaking behind them as they…

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  • Pig



    It's a small step in theme, from the gastronomy in Boiling Point yesterday to this pig searching adventure, but a large step in quality. Where the former gradually increased in almost unbearable levels of anxiety and unrest, the latter unfortunately excels in levels of ultimate boredom. Nothing to do with Cage, he grumps his way through the story looking for the pig of his life, but none of his encounters were somewhat mildly engaging to me. I cannot imagine what the majority here finds appealing about this movie, so, as always, it's probably me (however my son didn't like it either).

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point


    Ninety minutes in the evening shift of a decent London restaurant is enough for our chef (a brilliant Graham) to collapse under personal and other problems.
    The one take is used to its fullest extent as the camera follows one but then continue to track someone else to the other side of the restaurant. A great deal of characters, but they're dealt with delicately and all have their place under the sun. It's a drama, but the thrilling aspect gradually takes over as anxiety builds leading to the inevitable conclusion.

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  • The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In


    Talk about movies you will not forget having seen them a decade ago, well, this is a perfect example.
    A truly mesmerizing experience, which gets more and more uncomfortable as it progresses.
    Forget the slashers with axes, true horror, that's surgeons with scalpels.

  • Epic



    "I got this copy of A Bug's life meets Lord of the Rings and I want to get rid of it."
    "Which movie?"
    "Ah OK, just throw it onto that pile over there."
    "Which one?"
    "The one with the big sign: "completely interchangeable animated movies with a clumsy but sympathetic hero who falls in love and saves the day.""
    "OK, thanks, bye."
    "No problem, come again."

    He will.