Logan ★★★★½

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That was awesome, consider me blown away. James Mangold is a brave man making a superhero movie in today's current climate that doesn’t rely too much on crazy action set pieces and what we’re left with is a fantastic character piece that acts as a moving send off for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

A lot of my favourite moments of Logan were solely about character, spending time hanging out with them… on the road in the car, sat round the dinner table, in the hotel room watching a movie, they were all beautiful moments which put a smile on my face. The film builds heavily on themes set out in The Wolverine; themes of death & immortality, as well as family & love and it was fascinating to see how far these characters have come together over the past 17 years.

Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart both give exceptional and moving performances and it’s definitely hard to imagine anyone else other than Jackman in the role. Stephen Merchant and Boyd Hollbrook were nice surprises, but the stand out supporting performance was definitely Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23, she was great on so many levels, being able to portray the rage and physicality needed as X-23 but also the emotion and innocence of being a kid. How cool was it seeing Logan and Laura working together to kick ass?

When there was action, it was bloody, brutal violence which was beautifully directed. It was coherent and well choreographed without a reliance on shaky cam, there was even a nice little long take; how can you not these days right?

When James Mangold chose Johnny Cash’s Hurt as the trailer music, he said it was to “set itself apart from other superhero movies” and I think he definitely achieved that. This is definitely the most grounded, personal and intimate character story in any superhero movie of recent years and it might actually be my favourite X-Men movie, but I can’t really say for sure until a rewatch.

Truly the end of an era…

Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

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