Logan is a failed Vegas stag do disguised as an X-men movie. Wolverine is tired, he's tired of everything. But there is a legacy at stake, through blood, grit and tears, shines a little glimmer of hope.

-Logan and Laura kick ass, like, a lot. People die extremely frequently 
-Maybe you don't have to swear that often but in terms of slicing peoples faces off? More of that, please 
-"This is my dad...Chuck"
-Soundtrack fits the grimy aesthetic 
-Beautifully shot
-The last shot 
-The bluntness in emotional moments is a great throwback to westerns as well as the not giving a shit of Logan himself 
-Poorly paced at some points 

This is the cinematic equivalent of driving on a wide open highway, Texas style. With a pounding migraine and a cigar puffing. Makes me want to grow a grizzly beard and tell people to fuck off. What a sendoff. 

Hugh Jackman...we salute you.

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