Blade Runner

Blade Runner

"I'm not in the business. I am the business"

You ever hear the expression 'A broken clock works twice a day'?, Blade Runner comes very close to fulfilling that exact sentiment, however it works more than twice. Let's just say, imagine an orchestra plays every instrument at once...but in the best art gallery in the world.

Stellar in cinematography, DoP Jordan Cronenweth does not, I repeat, does not fuck about. Gorgeously layered and the best aspects of Blade Runner come exactly from his design. Blossoming with grime and respectively eastern in culture. The triumphant aspect of it's God meet Creator themes gave me a huge deal of respect, like the movie was directly translated from Hieroglyphics, an old age tale of somber quality.

What shocks me the most about Blade Runner is how conflicted I was when watching it, on one hand it is staggeringly visual and every shot seems laid out and designed for a purpose, but on the other hand it drops any representation of stakes entirely. I wouldn't call it style over substance, I would perhaps argue that this is Ridley Scott taking a break from the extreme worldview of the future that Alien held. A barren wasteland where a reproductive-driven phallic monster hunts down humans without a touch of sympathy. Blade Runner, seems to want to persuade us that these replicants are the enemy, and that danger lurks around every corner, but the clustered spaces and all consuming noise of the movie isn't meaningful, it is unbearably distracting.

I like the score of this film, but I hate it. Let me explain, it is certainly a hazy and specifically designed sound, but throughout the runtime of the film it is keyed in at the wrong moments. That, and the drearily broad and (dare I say?) pretentious dialogue combine to an aura with such battle to it's impeccable colour and set pieces.

I find this film more intriguing than I find it good, It's very different and very cult worthy, but there comes a point where you don't see Harrison Ford as a character, but more as an ornament to hazy surroundings. What a conflicting movie.

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