Ma ★★★

I was reeeeeeally hoping that this would end up being a trash masterpiece but it's nowhere near it. I don't know, it felt like they were wary of reeeeeeeally going there. Sure, there's some gross bits and a few WTF moments, but for a movie with a lead character that crazy, it's certainly lacking in the creative department. I did love how committed all the actors were, Octavia Spencer in particular. She gave it her all and she made Ma a very menacing lady but you can only do so much in the middle of a mess. Juliette Lewis and Luke Evans are great as backup and I definitely would've liked to see more of them instead of the cookie cutter film teen archetypes that fill this movie. I will say that I had a bunch of people sitting behind me during this who were annoying af so I'm hoping this plays better on a distraction-free rewatch.

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