Hereditary ★★★★½

There are so many wonderful layers to peel back in this beautiful and melancholic descent into an already in progress waking nightmare. At one point, one of the characters tells their self to wake up because the events are too horrific to really be happening and I was honestly right there with them, in the best possible way. Damn! I love when a new voice in horror emerges and I say voice because anybody can make a horror movie but it takes someone with a clear, concise vision to make something as spectacularly brilliant as Hereditary. It’s terrifying yet still feels completely grounded because it’s also a study on grief and loss. I was completely fucking in shock during a scene I never saw coming not too far into the film that helps set in motion all of the events that follow thereafter. This being a total surprise to me is a credit to the marketing team because in this day and age of show everything trailers, Hereditary‘s was nicely done and subtle. I wish they wouldn’t have put the person on fire in there because I recognized that scene as it was happening so it took away from the wow factor but whatever. A24 is pretty savvy with their marketing and they didn’t disappoint here. Anyway, okay, yeah, let me get to the main event: the glorious and almighty Toni Collette. I have loved her since I saw Muriel’s Wedding yeeeeears ago and she has stayed a shining beacon guiding me away from a sea of mediocrity. The sheer rawness she puts out there in this film, well, it makes me want to just fucking jump up and down and cheer. She’s an artist who can drag you into the depths of sorrow with her. That scene where she’s on the ground sobbing is so soul shaking and could’ve been beyond over the top but she keeps it real and utterly heartbreaking. God, what a queen. Loved Alex Wolff as well. Where the hell did he come from? Amazing.

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