Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Hats off to Thomas Vinterberg for making an upbeat film with the key plot point of purposeful alcoholism.

Another Round balances wild, drunken, wet-the-bed comedy with very sobering (ehhh?) and meaningful drama. Four friends have the idea of meticulously balancing out their alcohol intake during the entire work day to improve their professional focus, lift some of their inhibitions and reduce the sluggishness of middle age. At first it really starts to work and lives are changed, but as they increase the dosages in search of the perfect working buzz things inevitably go to far (my wife has a vomit phobia and kept hiding out in the other room. Spoiler: for a film with A LOT of drinking there is little to no barf).

The film doesn't really concern alcohol and plainly leaves commentary on addiction to other works. This is a mediation on change, on youth, on aging and on finding freedom, even if it means shedding everything.

Much has been said about Mads Mikkelsen's dancing and indeed, it is a highlight and a pleasure to watch a character so full of life.

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