Easy to Breath is one of the best songs ever written.

    Even better a second time; subtly powerful, and loudly creative.

  • Star Time

    Star Time


    Maniac, but as an art film solely operating off genuine dream logic, and focusing on the  interrogation of our sex and violence obsession, delivered through stardom via television. Pretty rad! Also, just an absolute banger of a score (and incredible credit song), impeccable editing, and one of the most subtly impressive indie films ever (no kills on screen, and basically has only three actors, yet feels bigger than it is)!

    Lynch, Haneke, and Cronenberg would be proud of their bastard 90s nightmare offspring.

  • Company



    Definitely my fave musical. Probably best version to watch if you’re not familiar. NPH is the obvious weak link, but he’s still good. Just know, better Bobbys are out there. Love love love it tho; great production overall. 

    Calling the shot now; Be prepared for my version one day ☺️

  • Escape from L.A.

    Escape from L.A.


    This is basically a Tim Burton movie. It’s batshit insane, and goofy as hell, and I had so much fun! A good satire that’s mostly in the They Live vein, but maybe a lil less smart, but who cares! And then it randomly gets real dark! Great great ending. A pretty good sequel too; set-up is the same, but then veers completely in a new direction.

    Carpenter said, how can I make a western nowadays, and somehow came up with this.

  • Casablanca



    There’s actually nothing wrong with it. Perfect movie. Could be as good as it gets. Same feelings like watching Silence of the Lambs, just in awe questioning if it’s actually the best movie ever. By chance, the 79th anniversary is today. Good vibes.

    How do you not cry at least three times during this??

  • Running on Empty

    Running on Empty


    Did not remember it being this amazing; this movie is incredibly underrated. Cried for the last 20 minutes straight. So powerful and beautiful, and has maybe four of the best scenes of all-time; the opening sequence (just perfectly executed and engaging), the birthday party (highlighted by "Fire and Rain"), Lunch with Dad, and the ending. So many intensely rich themes about life, and family, and legacy, and individuality, and what is important with your limited time here. Familial dramas maybe…

  • White Christmas

    White Christmas


    Was very very surprised to discover that,
    1) this is quite possibly the gayest movie I’ve seen, which was lovely and fun!
    2) didn’t expect this to simply be a Vera-Ellen endurance test. Every time she was on the screen, it was like someone had a gun at her family’s heads yelling at her to go faster. It was actually insane to witness! She easily steals the show.

    Everything else is satisfactory, and the spectacle is always impressive, and I had a good time! And this is coming from somehow who vehemently dislikes Christmas music!

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    The only other romance that I can think of that truly blurs the meta line without ever having to acknowledge it is Before Sunrise (and that’s of this magnitude of quality). This truly is lightning in a bottle, and it just might be perfect. Everyone is incredible in this (a feeling I never felt on any prior watch), and that had to make the crew just feel alive/on fire every day, which is matched in their superb looseness in capturing…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Editing is the juice of what makes movies special. So, my stupid monke brain is always gonna get hype watching perfectly choreographed sequences of action, being able to discern vehicles going fast, which is even better when they are in chase, and ESPECIALLY the perfect synchronization of audio and visual, which might be cinema's peak power (especially when using "pop music" and being able to propel a sustained narrative*). Edgar's talents have always been for heightened cinema, and this is…

  • Stories We Tell

    Stories We Tell


    For sure gonna be a core text. Learning how to be brave for art’s sake. Maybe shouldn’t have 10 endings in a row, but powerful all the same.

    Joins the special exclusive club alongside: Close-Up, Dear Zachary, Casting JonBenet, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, and a special spot reserved for Synecdoche, New York. A high honor!

  • Swing Girls

    Swing Girls


    Sometimes you have to recognize how special it is for a movie to make you have a smile on your face for literally the entire runtime (actually, I'm still smiling thinking about it!). Just a nonstop delight from beginning to end, that has two major highlights. 1. It's commitment to being loose, and silly, and equating it's topic of jazz to it's style of comedy. It truly feels like a live-action cartoon, in a way that often gets lost when…

  • Typhoon Club

    Typhoon Club


    The pangs of youth coming up against all the unanswerable existential questions, delivered in a perfect style that’s somehow a mix of Yang and Davies. Pre-typhoon, I kept forgetting it was a movie; a testament to it’s lived-in powers. Typhoon-on, is an indelible collection of purely cinematic sequences. The desire to stay young, to be free and wild, and to feel something, exalted to a staggeringly quiet, yet powerful, degree.

    Truly a remarkable film.