Pig ★★★★½

Deeply felt, startlingly unique, genuinely funny in a subtle way, and subverts expectations constantly along the way. Definitely felt myself say out loud multiple times in the theater, "what the hell is this?" in the best possible way. Have two decently major issues which holds it back from me calling it a favorite (needed at least 15 minutes (would've preferred 30) of prologue time before the first major event happens, and most of the shaky camera work was grating without purpose), but damn if it didn't actually etch close to seismic. Best to literally know nothing about it, and just be ready to wade through some interesting, and intense, feelings. A journey so clearly laid out in the end that it smacked me right into a beautiful bliss of understanding; but again, don't want to just dissect a movie that is so worth finding on your own.

Genuinely gives me hope about the future of movies; the fact this is a wide release is insane.

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