Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★★

"I'm all... fucked up inside. I'm broken, man. Broken."
"Blood, we're all broken."
"Not like me, man."

Take a trip to Spike Lee's America, set in Vietnam, set in the 1960's, the 2010's, forever. There's a war that never ends for some people, and there's gold out there they'll insist is real; stuff that's as real as their war wounds and brotherhood bathed in blood. There's gunfights and landmines, some of them exploding as we speak, and others that still haven't gone off yet. There are brothers and there are enemies - no friends, not really, because "friends" seems too small a word to describe the people you would be willing to shed blood for. Vietnam is a messy, fucked-up place, just like everyone else said it would be. But there are still stories that remain unheard and unsaid deep in the jungles of the place, and it's these accounts Da 5 Bloods brings to light, one metal detecting beep at a time.

Vietnam is America. America is Vietnam. War is about money. Money is about war. Two sides of the same coin, flipping over and over again for years on end - yet no matter which side comes out first, it's the same set of losers we end up with each time. It's a mad, mad world out there, just madness, madness stretched out all around you. There is no moral lesson to be taken from all this - only the stories, the pain, and the gold that remains buried beneath the rubble still. Until the coin finally stops flipping and until all the landmines have been cleared, we'll keep on keepin' on, like Stormin' Norman told us. We'll learn the handshakes, spring each other free from the landmines, and teach each other how to fly. Bloods don't die, they multiply, and after taking a trek to the past with this group of brothers, best believe Da 5 Bloods has made Bloods of us all today.

Make me want to holler
The way they do my life
This ain't living, this ain't living

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