The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★


I was lucky enough to catch an early advance showing that came with a special q&a with the Robert Eggers along with Alexander Skarsgård. Plus a free Northman tshirt! Rob genuinely loves researching old history and folklore as a hobby turned passion. You can easily tell with how much detail and authenticity went into this and also he stated he genuinely loves researching and learning about things like this. He knew he wanted it to end with a naked volcano fight before anything else. He made a point to say Anya is so professional on set and just so great to work with (ugh I love her) also Rob was extremely impressed with Alex’s abs lol

This seriously is the Viking epic I did not know I needed. Insane set design/pieces and the cinematography is breathtaking. The storyline is simple but timeless and done is such a real and brutal way. You really feel like you have let the current modern times and transported back to the 14th century for a couple hours. (I literally forgot i brought a protein bar with me and when i reached in my pocket when leaving it was so fuckin melted i just laughed to myself. It was that fuckin enthralling and intense)

just to touch on some of the great ensemble. William Defoe was the perfect amount of creepy in those tighty whities. Nicole Kidman has aged to the stage she looks like she was made for the part lol jk I love you Kidman. Bjork omfg it was so cool to see her on screen and she told eggers she would def not act again but maybe vo a weird cartoon. anya if you are reading this I am free on Thursday night…

This is definitely my kind of movie. I just want to run through the woods and howling like a wolf covered in blood and avenge my family that does not even need avenging. 3/3 eggers well done 

{screened at the AMC Century City in Dolby Cinema}

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