Scream ★★★

I still prefer The Babadook

Shout out to Heather Matarazzo. 

I think this might work better before the “legacy” characters get shoehorned in, and not all that much would change in the scheme of things if you took them out entirely. There’s one classic character in particular whose presence could be used as an excuse to really go off the rails and toss the formula out the window. Instead, you wind up with the same style of conclusion where there’s as much exposition spilled as blood in the name of laying out the motive plain and clear in big glowing letters. 

Enough nods and references and gore to keep folks happy for the most part. It’s fun at points and funny at times, and it actually attempts to be scary in between all the meta. But maybe let’s call it after this one before things get dire and we have mobs vowing that evil dies tonight, okay?

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