The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen ★½

just reprehensible—does Guy Ritchie think he’s made The Big Short? I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Charlie Hunnam is Henry Cavill for smart people. I loved when Hugh Grant says “don’t be cunty.” Jeremy Strong’s performance is 70% stroke and 30% Jessica Walters impression; at one point, he says “Mossad crabs.” as always, I love to see Eddie Marsan get paid. it sort of feels like Guy Ritchie saw Attack The Block on cable in the past year? there’s a music video halfway through that's actually pretty good. Colin Farrell gives an entirely earnest emotional performance. horrible about race, horrible about drugs. for $4 on venmo, I will just text you the good parts of the movie (I’m in grad school). ultimately, the story is about two ex-boyfriends trying to reach an understanding before going to a mutual friend’s wedding. nothing to say about Michelle Dockery’s character other than McConaughey screams “MY WIFE!!” I’m going to bed

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