Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★½

I was not expecting to like this THAT much. Lovers Rock is just 71 minutes long, there's hardly that much dialogue and yet it managed to surpass all of these other 2020 releases. It's one thing to just put music in your film to elevate a scene but it's another to base your movie around the music. I feel like this kind of filmmaking is a bit "unexplored territory" or at least from what I've seen. In Mangrove, I was kind of struggling to even get invested because it's the most textbook thing I've seen Steve McQueen do but in this, I was immediately into the groove as if I were a character. You look at a film like Mid90s where it's mostly about experiencing those "vibes" rather than following a story, I guess you could say that about Lovers Rock except I would argue that Lovers Rock is a bit more focused in knowing what it wants to do. It's probably the reason why this film didn't really expand beyond the party and just kept it's magic in that short runtime.

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