Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Despite it's underwhelming first 10 minutes that had me worried I wasn't going to be invested in any of it, director Rian Johnson quickly put my doubts aside by flipping the murder mystery genre on its head, revealing things one wouldn't expect so soon in the film, and from there on he manages to keep building layers to it's central mystery and characters.

Expectations were subverted and here he did it in the best way possible. He sent the story into a different, and unpredictable in certain ways, direction that, regardless of having some twists that can be pinpointed, keeps you invested in it's thriller aspect thanks to it's brisk pacing, great dialogue, Johnson's huge attention to detail when it comes to the setups and how satisfyingly he handles the payoffs, and moments of tension that were rarely undermined by the comedy. The movie does have good dosages of humor and memorable lines that for the most part land, despite some occasionally cringey ones.

And yes this movie does address real world issues, but the filmmakers cleverly incorporate these into the narrative that is mainly concerned with being an engaging mystery, despite bluntly talking about those issues in one scene, and even then it goes according to those certain characters doing so.

The cast all did excellent jobs, with the standout being Ana de Armas who's incredible at playing this vulnerable but very endearing and sympathetic character that is easy to root for. Daniel Craig was also great despite having a somewhat distracting accent, which feels as a British person doing a southern accent that subsequently is trying to do a British accent, and yet it works for his character in the end.

It's very well shot with an appropriately foggy 70's look, the sets are all incredibly detailed and interesting visually, the violin/orchestral music fit it's story and was featured only when needed.

Overall Knives Out is one of the most well crafted, sharply written and well acted mainstream movies of 2019, simply put: it's a blast to watch.

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