Logan ★★★★★

The perfect last chapter to a story I've lived with for 17 years. 

I had been a fan of the X-Men as a kid in comics and cartoons, but it was seeing that first film that really made me care for these characters and their stories. The film saga has had its ups and downs,  but was always an event, and was a huge part of my adult life. This isn't just a single film that made you care for these characters, this was a fine crafted piece that had almost two decades worth of groundwork laid for you. You are invested from the start. These characters are your family, and when they hurt, you hurt... and hurt a lot. 

Gratuitous in all the right ways, Logan earns its R rating. They own that shit. You whence from gory death blows just as much as you feel the pain when it's someone you care about gets hurt. The foul language, though sometimes a little overboard, never feels out of place. These are two tired weathered old men, and cuss just as old worn out men do. At some point even someone as classy as Charles Xavier has to give up his manerful exterior and just not give a fuck if he says fuck or not. There are certain scenes with him and Logan that remind me overwhelmingly of my grandfather and I in his last couple of years. I can relate hard. and truly see all the love that Logan has for him. They are family. 

Loved all the new characters, but the film is at it's strongest when focusing on having one last go around with old friends. It's the gritty road trip film I always wanted to see, but just never knew it. 

If this is the end of an era, I can accept that. This is what going out at your best looks like. I know their will be more X-Men in the future, with new faces and new technology bringing mutant powers to life like we've never seen before. But this is my X-Men. This is my family. 

This is my goodbye.

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