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  • The Zero Boys

    The Zero Boys


    Entertaining eighties flick as a leading paintball troupe find themselves hunted in the woods for no real reason. Luckily, when they train they do so with real weapons, so they're definitely up for the fight. It's all nonsense and ends abruptly but it's entertaining throughout. Worth a watch if it's your kind of thing. Would probably make for a solid enough Netflix original if made today.

  • Office Space

    Office Space


    When first watching this film a decade or so ago, it was hard to know why it was so revered. But in this past ten years, I have since gone through my twenties and worked in numerous offices and oh boy, this hits a lot harder now. The feeling of no motivation (check), the wish to actually do something with your life (check), the managers who don't do a lot (check)... The plot itself isn't too bad and although the ending feels rushed, it's the characters that make this one.

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Let me preface this review by saying that it is in no way a five star film. It's a five star film in the same way that The Other Guys, reviewed by Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian, is not a five star film. But sometimes you watch a movie and can't stop smiling. It entertains. It has you sitting back and going, "Yeah, why can't all films be like this?" And that's what The Guest did to me. Sure, it…

  • Swept Away

    Swept Away

    Development Meeting transcription:

    "I think we should remake that critically acclaimed Italian film from the early Seventies."

    "I don't know... Times have changed. It might not work."

    "Too late. Already bought the rights. Already started on the plot with the screenwriter too."

    "Any good?"

    "Yeah, it's coming together pretty well. We start on a vintage boat with some rich couples, one of whom is a complete bitch. We've got Madonna attached for that."


    "Yeah, well Guy Ritchie's directing..."