Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Everything was perfectly blended! I really really love it! I need to take a long sigh before pouring out my amazement into words.

So, I didn't watch any trailer or read any spoiler and synopsis, I just watched and it really surprise me. All the details were admirable, their acting performances, their eccentric attires, the infinity of ideas, the sound fusion between universe, the laughable corny jokes, the alluring cinematography, and the well-crafted storyline. Their wild imaginations were really wacky, I can't control my elation because some of those imaginations actually I had in mind.

And behind all the mayhem, there is always an underlying message. Many people faced what Joy feels, the nothingness. There's a lot of Joy out there, they are Everywhere. BUT! Many people also faced what Evelyn feels, the being. There's also a lot of Evelyn out there, when they have nothing but still want something, a happiness.

This movie tells us about balance of life, this multiverse is stabilizing our thousand desires, but in every universe, there's always one thing that will make you stay : tiny happiness. Sometimes, because it's too tiny, we can't see it, but once you notice, you won't unsee.

Lastly, this movie really got me thrilled, laughed, moved, dumbfounded, and completely satisfied, All at Once.

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