Alias: Baby Tsina

Alias: Baby Tsina ★★★½

"Wala akong teri-teritoryo. Kung saan ako nakatayo, 'yon ang teritoryo ko!”

A very confused hodgepodge of Big Ideas, and the characters suffer for it. But oh well, I had a good time anyway, especially during the first third, when we got to tour around MDA's Manila. It has never looked more glamorous, more artificial— you should really watch the digitally enhanced version; everything's so sumptuous. And Vilma fits right in it. I love her swagger, her hairdo, and her perpetual smirk!!! I actually came into the movie thinking it was a comedy because of the poster (the orange one), so you can imagine the shock.

Is this Vilma Santos' answer to Nora Aunor's Bulaklak sa City Jail that year? I like O’Hara’s movie better, but this one really suits Vilma's character. I especially loved her prison speech, even if it did go a little cheesy. A damning indictment of the Marcos administration.

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