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  • Niña Bonita

    Niña Bonita


    The other day, I came across an old interview with Charito Solis, where she was described as "a believer in the law of karma [who] sees herself as a 'White Witch' who gets whatever she wishes, including retribution for those who did her wrong," and it made me laugh so hard that I figured it was high time I watched a movie of hers again, and Niña Bonita just so happened to be right at the top of my Charito…

  • The Prodigal Son

    The Prodigal Son


    Skimmed through the reviews here, and I don't even understand how it's possible to rate this anything less than 4 stars. It's been some time since I last watched a Hong Kong martial arts movie, and it feels good to be back! I love the breathless staccato rhythm, the relentless top-class stunts, and even the humor (though, of course, there are some jokes that haven't aged well)! Very pleasantly surprised to find out that this was directed by Sammo Hung…

Popular reviews

  • Dancing Lady

    Dancing Lady


    that scene where clark gable massages joan crawford's knee as she groans and throws her head back in pain is Porn, i tell you. P O R N


  • A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino

    A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino


    "Ah, but this country has a poor memory, ninong."

    I'm surprised to say that I was enamoured by this film. Shot like a 40s Hollywood production, with all the melodrama, over the top dialogue, gorgeous cinematography, a grand score, and the occasional hammy performance. This film painted a picture of a time I had never known, but one so familiar. I have never felt more touched.

    I especially adored the performances of Conrad Parham as Tony and Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana as…