Shame ★★★★

For someone who has studied film and who is currently an English tutor one would think I would be comfortable writing film reviews. I find it terribly difficult.

So, I won't really review it now. This was my 2nd McQueen film, 12 Years a Slave being the first. I liked his direction here. I felt the framing, the color palette, and the music were all designed to evoke sadness. Also, pointing out the obvious here, Michael Fassbender slowly gets unattractive as the film goes on. Both in looks and in character.

I cannot end a review of a Fassbender movie with mentioning, well, you know, his rather large cock. This was not my first introduction to it, and nor, I am sure, will it be the last time I see it. He seems to have taken over the helm for Ewan McGregor in terms of size and of showing it. I ain't complaining.

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