Thunder Force

Thunder Force ½

This isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, but it’s one of them. I felt sick today and decided to put this on, which only worsened my condition. I can’t count a single time I laughed during this entire movie. This is a comedy where there aren’t jokes and just felt like unstructured improv where people are just saying things without a script.

The thing that would shock me the most is if these jokes were written before hand. This gave me a lot of Ghostbusters (2016) vibes with its comedy style. I’m a person that likes well written and structured jokes. There’s usually a set up and a pay off when it comes to good comedy writing but in this it’s just people making references or genuinely terrible one liners. There’s multiple jokes about Fortnite and Flossing and this really felt like a desperate attempt at being hip, but it just comes off as the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in a while. 

This has some of the worst action scenes. There’s almost no choreography or flow to the way the scenes happen. It’s clear that action wasn’t their main focus when making this, but then why even make a super hero movie? There’s plenty of funny super hero movies out there but there’s nothing about this movie that makes it standout. This felt like a quickly thrown together product just to release straight to Netflix. It feels so lazy in its execution that it’s clear to me that almost nobody cared behind the scenes. There’s only so many ways to say this movie wasn’t funny, but this movie just wasn’t funny. 

My grandmom recommended this movie to me and said it was funny. After this movie I can never trust anything she says. This movie felt like a huge waste of time. I’m already grumpy cause I don’t feel good and now this movie melted my brain completely. Don’t watch this movie, if you’re going to watch it make sure you social distance and wear a mask.

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