The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

This movie is awesome. As someone that was really hyped for this movie and didn’t think it could live up to the high expectations I had for it, it somehow managed to do so. Robert Pattinson is definitely my favorite live action Batman, Pattinson’s portrayal both as Bruce Wayne and Batman passed all that came before it for me. This movie manages to capture both the grime and filth of Gotham city in a way that no other Batman film has been able to capture before. This city is almost a character in of itself and each part of it is masterfully executed with near perfect cinematography and sound design. A negative I have is that I do think the score is a overplayed throughout the film. There’s this one main theme they use over and over again and for a three hour movie, hearing it that much just made me want to hear something else instead. Outside of that and a few other things, The Batman was fantastic and I’ll most likely see it again at some point soon. I highly recommend checking it out before it leaves theaters.

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