Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★½

This movie on a technical level is really great, but it ultimately falls flat due to its major flaws. It’s a story that really could have been told in under and hour, but is stretched beyond to the point where you don’t care about anything by the end.

The cinematography is great in this movie. I’m not sure why they went with black and white when it really doesn’t add anything to this, but it also didn’t hurt the movie. There’s lots of great framing and well choreographed long takes. This movie somehow makes walking around in a circle look like the most interesting thing on the planet, and for that it gets a gold star sticker. 

The performances are pretty good for the most part. Apparently I’m in the minority when I say that I thought Zendaya wasn’t great. I found a lot of her scenes to be unconvincing and it didn’t feel like she met the emotional requirements some scenes needed. John David Washington is fantastic in this movie. If you get anything from this movie is that he’s a really great actor. He has so much charisma in this movie and so much range when performing. He was definitely a highlight for me.

The writing is pretty good as well. I’m not familiar with the writer/director, but I found the dialogue to be really well written. John David Washington’s character has these moments in the movie where it feels like he’s reflecting feelings of the writer/director and the way he feels about certain things in the film industry. There’s lots of surprisingly humorous moments in the movie during their fights. There’s this one where he’s just eating a bowl of Mac and Cheese and is still trying to continue the argument. 

This movie is way too long. This reminded me a lot of marriage story and how that movie was able to juggle a bunch of different things, instead in this it’s just one long argument that goes on for way too long. This could have ended at multiple points and the earlier the better, cause as it continued I kept checking the time. I was super into it for around the first hour and then once I picked up on the repetitiveness of the scenes I stopped caring. This movie would have worked so much better if 30-45 minutes were cut. 

There was a point in the movie where it feels like the argument stops and you think the movie is starting to wrap up. Then randomly they just start fighting about something completely unrelated to the last fight. I would have been interested a lot more if the fights lead into each other, instead of just being all over the place from what they were about.

Overall this movie is fine. It felt like a waste of time by the end of it, but I can’t say I didn’t like most of it. I wish the last 40 minutes were as good as the rest of the movie, cause this could have really been something special. Check this one out but maybe turn it off an hour in, knowing that it just sort of continues without much of a resolution.

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