Death Note

Death Note ½

[Spoilers] Death note is my personal favorite anime. This genuinely hurt to see the source material butchered in such a lazy and un caring manner. The people behind the project clearly didn’t want to try and make a good movie and it’s obvious from the way it was written and directed. They for some reason thought it was a great idea to make L look like a crazy man instead of just a socially awkward and autistic teenager that he is in the manga and anime. Light in the anime was very intelligent with the way he went about things, when the investigators were close to figuring out who Kira was Light was always 12 steps ahead and knew exactly how to handle the situation. In this shitty movie he’s just a dumb hormonal teenager who literally uses the death note to get this girl to have sex with him. WHAT THE FUCK, WHY?!?! If you’re ever going to try and attempt to recreate something so beloved, at least attempt to make it like able, cause this is just a slap in the face. In the anime there was specific set up rules that you could use the death note for and in the movie they tried to do the same. But at points they alter their own rules they previously set up. If you’re going to setup specific strict ideas in your movie towards the beginning you can’t just randomly change them in a helpless way to try and fix the awful writing. The ending makes little to know sense in the context of the rules of the death note setup earlier in the movie. The line delivery in this is horrible by mostly everyone in the movie. At random points the movie plays random and unfitting songs that ruin some scenes that could be good but are just tonally ruined. Overall don’t watch this if you have a preexisting heart condition cause you’ll die within the first 6 minutes and 40 seconds out of pure boredom.