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  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
  • Sundial
  • Life Is Sweet
  • An Untitled Portrait

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  • A Night of Knowing Nothing

  • Sea of Clouds

  • I've Been Afraid

  • Simone Barbès or Virtue

Recent reviews

  • A Night of Knowing Nothing

    A Night of Knowing Nothing

    draws formally from twilight city, using an epistolary form to insert the personal at the centre of a political documentary. L is a middle-caste (?) film student whose upper-caste partner could fight the good fight against hindu nationalism at university, but wouldn't fight for their intercaste relationship against his parents. kapadia's style of personal, slow, sonically rich documentaries brushes up against intense and angry student speeches and phone camera footage as the universities come under assault by police and militias…

  • Sea of Clouds

    Sea of Clouds

    watched as part of a lecture by the artist. really generous and intelligent man, filmmaking as a collaborative body of people and opaque filmmaking as an opportunity to disrupt the imperial practices in film history. im not sure how that comes across in the film without introduction but it is beautiful and calming

Popular reviews

  • A Month of Single Frames

    A Month of Single Frames

    hope someone loves me enough to make films with and for me when im dying

  • Fire in My Belly

    Fire in My Belly

    when that one yute talks abt the come in love / stay in peace painting on brixton bridge that got commissioned to cover up "fuck off back to clapham yuppie cunts" and he doesnt even mention that.

    man, i work in arts-based youth work. its always the same generic chat abt community, belonging, amorphous change. we can ask young people more interesting questions.