The Master

The Master ★★½

This movie tries waaaaay too hard to be some kind of artistic masterpiece, and in turn, leaves out some crucial fundamental elements that make up a story.

While there's a lot that happens in this story, it's all lateral movement. There's no forward momentum, no destination, no anticipation for any sort of conclusion. It's not building toward anything; it's only meandering around the ground floor. And in the end, nothing was accomplished.

On the plus side, this movie has style to burn. Pretty much every other element of this movie is of the highest order. The acting is terrific. The music is splendid. The editing is flawless. The cinematography is godlike. This film has some of the best lighting I've ever seen in a movie. And the video quality is simply stunning.

But it's all style. It's good style, no doubt. That may be enough for some people, but for me, there needs to be something more. Some kind of purpose.

This film left me with a completely empty feeling. I honestly wanted to turn it off during the last half hour because it all felt so utterly inconsequential. And then it just ended. No resolution. No culmination. That's why I can enjoy a movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey, another film that doesn't rely on story: because that film actually leads to a conclusion. It feels like it went somewhere, like things changed, like there was a point to it. This movie is just a series of events, and then those events stop. The end.

Sorry, PTA. You can do much better than this.

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