Avatar ★★★★½

An excellently well-written film with a strong, cohesive, and coherent plot and well-drawn characters. No idea why people love to rag on this movie so much. People just love to hate cool shit, I suppose. So nevermind the negative reviews, which offer up no explanation on why it is a weak film apart from the concept being admittedly similar to other films (worked then but not here?), some weak dialogue, and unobtanium. That is literally the extent of what people have to complain about.

That, and the fact that it doesn't spoon-feed the babies in today's audiences.

If you want to see an over-rated, convoluted, logic-free mess, watch a chris nolan film. And no, I'm not capitalizing his name; he doesn't deserve it. He doesn't even deserve to work in the same factory that manufactures the toilet paper James Cameron uses to wipe his ass.

Avatar is a monumental film-making achievement, and easily one of the decade's best films.

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