Arachnophobia ★★★

Killer spiders is a strangely limited sub genre in horror, you’d think they’d be the focus of tons of horror’s, but they aren’t.

I for one am thankful, because Spiders are wankers, and Arachnophobia is a dreadful experience for the most part that makes me itch and cringe. Of course, this is pretty easy to do when it comes to this sort of territory, with some decent animatronic work, and dedicated Spider-performances.

It’s a little bit torn between being more of a Gremlins-esque/Spielbergian romp and something a lot more more darker. It particularly comes at odd ends when you take into consideration that Spiders don’t have the cheeky characteristics of something like Gremlins, and the finale goes a bit too big, with the flurry of eight legged creatures seeming a little silly in regards with the exaggerated scale of the events.

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