Sensational film that's amongst the most influential films of all time. Fellini's dreamlike direction creates a film that feels as if it drifts in and out of reality so subtly that you often feel the rug being swept up from underneath your feet, as we follow a director pretty much spent up of all his creativity and does some much needed soul searching, in regards to his marital status, his relationship to his parents and his influences from his childhood, the bad news is that he's trapped in pre-production with a film that has nothing to say, and thus as stresses are put further onto him by his wife and his producers, he sinks deeper and deeper in to fantasy.

The film is a real stunner, with wonderful cinematography and some early effects that stand up perfectly well today. The lighting is particularly noteworthy, as shadows hide true nature and dream like overexposure create a sense of wooziness yet added stress and frustrations crushing our main character. And with those aside, the film just looks cool and slick, and because of that, it makes for a film that feels fairly timeless.

Throughout the film I kept thinking of Terry Gilliam (someone I think I keep bringing up way too much) so after watching the film it came as no surprise that 8 1/2 is actually one of his favourite films.

8 1/2 is essentially essential viewing.

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