The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★½

Just like The Autopsy, this is a clear example of this anthology series' strength, that is, a filmmaker's uncompromising, and interesting vision, taken to its extreme, in just under an hour.
While Panos Cosmatos has been on my radar for a while, this is actually the first thing of his I've seen. Maybe not the best place to start but from what I know about his style, this is pretty much him.
Loved the formal presentation, as well as the cinematography and production design, which perfectly match the trippy, psychedelic energy in the script.
There's much more dialogue than I expected, some of it feels kinda distracting, but most of it is pretty interesting.
The whole cast did great, shout out Eric André.
While not everything here worked for me, I did found the payoff/conclusion a bit underwhelming, the vibes are unmatched.

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