The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

The Batman's biggest strenght is Matt Reeve's uncompromised vision. Framing the story as a noir style thriller and focusing on the detective side of the character is a decision that is responsible for why this movie mostly works. However, it's also its biggest weakness. There is, by nature, a clash between the Fincher-esque style the film tries (and mostly succeeds) at emulating, and the comic book sensibilites of the film, that at a few points took me out of the experience.
These complaints are the exception though. The norm is Reeve's detailed method in his direction, featuring a variety of shot compositions, use of focus and patient pacing that emphasize tension and also lead to visceral action whenever it takes place. The characters and their dynamics, especially Batman, Catwoman and Gordon are another well-executed aspect that also give the film some needed emotional connection. Pattinson, Kravitz and Wright are all great. Colin Farrell is another standout. He was invisible in his role. Paul Dano is fine at first but gets progressively worse at the end. A clear example of both of the film's styles clashing with one another.
The third act is an evident drop off in quality, lacking any real tension and choosing to go in a underwhelming direction that didn't feel like an organic continuation of what came before.
It may not reach the high bar set by The Dark Knight, but in its best moments The Batman is the definitive take on the character and among the best comic book films of recent years. It's a shame it couldn't nail its tone successfully throughout its entire runtime. Could've been an all-timer.

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