Spencer ★★★

Framing Spencer as a borderline nightmareish anxiety-driven psychological thriller is a creative, yet rational, decision that symbolises the inner turmoil and stress Diana had to endure for a decent part of her life.
The textured photography and varied yet muted color palette create an immersive feeling that sets up the story perfectly.
Larrain's directing is skillful at creating tension and unease throughout the film and constructing some off-putting sequences.
Kristen Stewart dissapears into her role and serves as our only constant among the chaos, and she carries wonderfully.
Jonny Greenwood drops another banger of a score, that adds to the already established tension.
Despite these strong elements, a lot of the story ends up feeling a bit underwritten. Various scenes that rise in tension yet lead nowhere. Questionable storytelling decisions that don't quite work. A decent section of the film feels repetitive, like going on circles, and not presenting an additional interesting idea besides the way the story is presented.
It's an interesting film that has its moments, but is unfortunately not captivating enough to warrant much more than mild enjoyment.

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