Scream ★★½

Feeling a bit mixed on this one. I didn't hate it as much as some, but I did feel somewhat underwhelmed with some of the storytelling decisions made.
I thought the directing was one of this film's strongest elements. It doesn't try to outdo Wes, but has enough style to not be anonymous, even if it doesn't have that much personality. There were still a couple of scenes, including the opening, that were quite well done, with well-realized moments of tension.
I thought the meta stuff was actually not bad. It tackles a variety of things pretty well, even if it doesn't do much with them, besides the third act reveal. Speaking of which, the whodunnit was fine. I kind of suspected who the killer(s) are/were pretty early on, but there were several moments of misdirections. The rest of the characters felt mostly disposable.
It's kinda fun, but feels ultimately empty. Much of what the movie says was done better 10 years ago in Scream 4. It also has a couple of baffling choices that soured the experience for me. Disappointing.

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