Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★½

Bullet Train wastes a cool premise and setting through unfunny comedy, an awkward structure and an overall tonal inconsistency.
The action scenes are just fine, but serve as a relief in contrast to the awful comedy the film constatly engages in. There are a couple recurring jokes that I can't believe made it past the first draft, and are even tied to the emotional climaxes of the third act. Beacuse of this, there were stretches of time that were borderline unbearable for me, while others were entertaining enough. This back and forth made me feel like much of it was wasted potential. The same can be said for the constant flashbacks, that are a good idea, poorly executed most of the time, and often getting in the way of the film's momentum.
Brad Pitt is charismatic as ever, and honestly the main draw in the movie for me.
The stylish elements are nice to look at, but feel more like an attempt to make up for something, and not a visual enhancement of the story.
I was excited for this one, but apart from Pitt, the movie being nice to look at and a handful of amusing moments, it fell flat for me.

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