Love ★★★★★

“when you die, you die with your memories.”

well folks!
yes you saw that 4.5 rating (now a 5 lol) correctly. am i rating this too high? possibly. am i very passionate about the reasons why i love this? absolutely.
i was going through some of the reviews, particularly the lower ones and seeing them say how this film is just a pretentious version of porn. on one hand, yes i can see why people would say that and why this is such a polarized film, but here’s why i love it:
i want to preface this by saying yes i think Murphy is, in ways a piece of shit and in no way a protagonist.
the themes throughout the film itself cover guilt, shame, regret, loss, etc. some of the most powerful and heavy emotions a human can experience, especially shame.
there’s juxtaposition while Murphy compiles past memories of Electra. ie. them in bed together and him in bed alone. in the feeling of regret, people grasp onto those last moments and will try to relive them in ways that they just can’t.
i could probably go on for hours about how much i truly think this film is a masterpiece but i’d probably get hate mail if i did, so i’ll stop here.
a love lost is a love never forgotten.

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