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  • Love



    “when you die, you die with your memories.”

    well folks!
    yes you saw that 4.5 rating (now a 5 lol) correctly. am i rating this too high? possibly. am i very passionate about the reasons why i love this? absolutely.
    i was going through some of the reviews, particularly the lower ones and seeing them say how this film is just a pretentious version of porn. on one hand, yes i can see why people would say that and why…

  • Us and Them

    Us and Them


    i dont know why i decided to rewatch this again, makes everything hurt a bit more. 
    this has been my favorite film for a while now and every time i watch it, i fall deeper and deeper into this overwhelming sense of pain and loneliness. i think i’m just scared in a way to experience certain things portrayed in this movie. 
    i’m afraid of leaving home, even though i’m 20 and i have to go at some point, i’m afraid…

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  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


    “heaven is over-rated. there’s nothing there.”

    it feels weird even attempting to write about this film in any way but here we go. 
    ever since i watched Uncle Boonmee for the first time, i’ve been in dire need of a rewatch. and when’s a better time than midnight when you’re not doing your best.
    usually with my favorite films, i will ask myself why i didn’t watch it sooner. or i get genuinely mad that i only just now discovered…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    someone take this movie away from me please. it’s threatening my well-being