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  • Beginners



    "you point, i'll drive."

    it's all in the interconnection, the circle of life, the breaking and conciliation with it, it's about showing your dog around your house and then your partner and then again being shown around her house yourself, it's the archiving of memories and the dissection of sadness while discovering happiness, it's the simplicity and the richness life has to offer and it's the questions you answer and the answers you are given. it's a beginning and an ending all at once.

    "going in circles. i like it."

  • One in a Thousand

    One in a Thousand


    so unapologetically queer admist a close-minded environment, it was a revelation!!! rarely have i seen such utter chemistry between the three young protagonists: sometimes a family is just a lesbian and her two best friends - a gay young man and his hopelessly romantic brother.

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  • Wild Chicks in Love

    Wild Chicks in Love


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "es gibt doch so viel verschiedene jungs."
    "aber sie sind alle jungs."

    wilma is an actual lesbian icon that they gave us in 2007 can you beliiiiieve, add the actual relationship goals of fred & sprotte, the pure soul of trude, the absolute feminst icon frieda and the idiot but my idiot melli and you got MY BEST COMING OF AGE MOVIE!

  • Cocoon



    very raw and very real, first love, family struggles and bodily changes delicately captured by tender performances and an intimate camera. keep a close look or you might just miss the ratio change. the butterfly has hatched. i love a queer movie as much as the next gay, but what stood out to me was the sisterly bond which was far from easy, yet threaded with an underlying love - shoutout to lena and lena for their impeccable chemistry.