Favorite films

  • Selva. A Portrait of Parvaneh Navaï
  • Le Troisième Oeil
  • Mount Fuji – The Movement of Clouds
  • Serial Experiments Lain

Recent activity

  • Berserk


  • Why Not: A Serenade of Eschatological Ecology

  • Synth Britannia

  • Notes on Breakcore

Recent reviews

  • Distracted Blueberry

    Distracted Blueberry


    machinic little inhuman desire flow through non-totalizable intensive multiplicity

  • Five Hundred Plateaus

    Five Hundred Plateaus

    maybe not a bad try, but a film is away from the experimental spirit that ensures the conjunction of deterritorialized flows, of 'mille plateaux'. hard to say that film produces machinic assemblage which draws the plane of consistency that indexes a continuum of intensive variation.
    like the soundtrack, but the assemblage did not satisfy.

Popular reviews

  • White Noise

    White Noise


    It is the human condition, ruin. D'agata takes a picture of ruining world that spreads in our veins. His ensnarer strong language draws a picture of the evil... it is a dangerous and uncanny watch. and D'agata has created the ruin image.

  • Mansfield K.

    Mansfield K.


    Colder than empty room sharper than words. What is the word?