Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★★½

Hooptober 9 Lives - Film 30/51

Seems like this movie has been fairly divisive among the denizens of Letterboxd; I come down on the "love it" side, though I totally understand the takes of viewers who couldn't stomach some of the content - particularly in the last 15-20 minutes, which are very intense and disturbing. As for those frustrated by the alleged stupidity of the protagonists... that's a common and often fair accusation directed at horror movies, sure, but in this case I feel it's missing the point to conflate bad decisions and poor decision-making with stupid characters or lazy writing.

Quite the contrary; maybe some viewers simply do not experience the same social anxieties or pressures / in the same way as others of us do. But seriously, the need to be polite can be very overpowering, and very maladaptive. So often in real life, situations arise where "bad feelings" should be heeded - but aren't, because god forbid you make a scene. This whole film is that scenario, dialed way up. It's tense, stressful, and really well-acted. Definitely recommend... with a qualifying "but maybe check out some content warnings first."

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