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  • Chungking Express
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Blade Runner

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    I still can't believe what a masterpiece of a film Robert Eggers has created with The Lighthouse. Every second of the film I expected different than it came — Robert Pattinson probably gave the performance of his life (we all haven't seen The Batman yet) - and both he and Willem Dafoe were robbed at the Oscars. Shame on the Academy! Shame!

    October 2021 • Genre (10/10) / Total (10/10)

  • Eraserhead



    I think this was definitely one of the most disturbing and disgusting movies I've ever seen. On the one hand often totally funny, on the other hand, yet somehow beautiful - I can't even describe it. But I can absolutely say that this is David Lynch's best film along with Mulholland Drive. 

    November 2021 • Genre (8/10) / Total (8/10)

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  • Soul



    MASTERPIECE! Pete Doctor has again created a film which I have never seen in such a way. Incredibly beautiful message, good story, wonderful animation - as always, it moves you to tears.
    December 2020 (4,5/5)

  • Felix Lobrecht: Hype

    Felix Lobrecht: Hype


    Gutes Special, aber oft auch einfach cringe af. Felix ist im Podcast „Gemischtes Hack“ immer super lustig, aber das liegt an seinen unfassbar guten Reaktionen. In seinen Programmen wirkt er mittlerweile oft so, als ob er genau zu dem Prototyp wird, über den er sich eigentlich lustig macht und gern so wäre wie amerikanische Stand-up Comedy. Trotzdem noch immer Deutschlands aktuell bester Comedian.
    November 2020 (2,5/5)