Will has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2019.

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    pretty fun but at times hard to get into a movie where they make all the Nazis look exclusively like silly buffoons when people are literally getting killed by them over here. just my debbie downer opinion here

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    this movie kind of seems like they commissioned like 3 totally gangster scenes from an insanely cool writer/director and then the rest was kind of like a fan made tribute movie

  • Children of the Corn

    Children of the Corn


    watched this with subtitles. my favorite was [CORN FIELD MOANS]

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    watched this on a flight to Hawaii bracketed on both sides by three hours of Mario Odyssey. mario looks funny in the clown outfit lol. like in the cutscene with the dragon I had him in the clown outfit and it was funny. also I love the music they play in the tostarena slots things where you can win a moon. are those on every level? I found one in luncheon kingdom and wasn't expecting to

  • Aquaman



    cool. what